Gothic effect with photoshop

Gothic effect with photoshop

Give Amy Lee the dark side of his gothism
For starters there is the image of the beautiful Amy lee download the large format here

Duplicate your layer (CTRL + J)

Then go to Menu> Image> Adjustments> Hue and Saturation

Go to Menu> Image> Adjustments> Brightness and Contrast

Kept taking the eraser tool (E) and delete the iris of the eyes to reveal the original color

Take the Burn Tool (O) and try to darken the rest of the eye (eyelid and eyebrow) giving you

Change the blending mode to Pin Light in the latter

Create a new layer and fill it with the following color # 262626

Change the blending mode to Overlay in the latter

Now take the Shape Tool / Brush (B) diameter main 4px 0% Hardness Color Orange and draw two circles throughout the iris

Change the blending mode of the latter Density Linear +

and that the works

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